Volunteers ready to respond to possible emergency situations in Dale County

Courtesy of the Dale County Citizen Corps

Dale County Citizen Corps are well prepared to respond in the event of a disease or biological terror attack, according to Shari Russell, the coordinator of the Dale County Citizen Corps.

“We do whatever we are told to do," Russell said. "We take direction from the Alabama Department of Public Health and the Dale County Emergency Management Agency.”

The Dale County Citizen Corps is a combination of citizen corps members and members of the county’s community emergency response team. In the event of a disaster or public health emergency, CERT team members often take their direction from another agency. Russell said Dale County officials are very well prepared to face incidents involving biological agents – and that preparation comes from regular trials, training and education efforts.

“The Alabama Department of Public Health has been very forward thinking,” Russell said. "It is their consistent trials that help emergency responders know what to do in the event of an outbreak or attack."

Russell serves as both the Citizen Corps Coordinator for Dale County and a CERT trainer in Ozark, Alabama.