Alabama county uses Strategic National Stockpile program to combat potential outbreaks

Donnie Knight
Donnie Knight

In Randolph County, preparedness for a possible outbreak falls under the supervision of Donnie Knight, director of the county’s Emergency Management Agency.

The local team serves on point for the statewide Health Department, which Knight says is responsible for covering any biological outbreaks.

“We go to meetings that they have, and they have in place what we call an ‘SNS’ program,” Knight explains. “It’s a Strategic National Stockpile where they have medications for all kinds of outbreaks in Alabama. It’s an Alabama-coordinated thing through the Health Department. Emergency Management actually works with them, because any outbreak or anything like that falls under the Health Department.”

Should any outbreak actually occur, Knight said that his team would be serving as logistical support for the statewide agency on the ground in his community, providing local area knowledge and coordinating with assets coming into the community.

If anything serious were to happen, Randolph County would need help from the surrounding area, but contingency plans have been underway for a while.

“We don’t have but one small hospital in our area,” Knight said. “I’m sure that they know the updates and everything because according to our governor all hospitals are getting prepared. Most of them are already prepared for it.”

Knight came into his role in Emergency Management following his service as a firefighter.