NTRR, partner offer free antimicrobial coating to first responders

Courtesy of Neutra Corp

Neutra Corp (NTRR) and joint-venture partner Surface to Air Solutions are offering an antimicrobial coating that can destroy pathogens and viruses on contact to first responders, especially in and around Dallas, where a man died of Ebola recently.

The product was developed by Texas company Zero-Blast, which specialized in coatings that would protect areas such as hospitals and locker rooms, where germs are rampant. Surface to Air Solutions acquired Zero-Blast in January and is offering the coating to communities that have large populations.

The companies say that the coating must be applied just four times per year. Once applied, the product protects individuals from viruses and infections because it kills the germs on contact.

“We are contacting police, fire and ambulance services in the area to offer to treat their facilities, vehicles and equipment at no charge,” NTRR CEO Chris Brown said. “Although Zero-Blast products have not been tested on the Ebola virus or Enterovirus, specifically, their virus-fighting capabilities are real and documented."

The company says that the antimicrobial coating is already in use in seven institutions of higher education and at more than a dozen CrossFit gyms across the United States. Dental offices and physical therapists also use the coating to help prevent the potential transmission of germs that could develop into deadly diseases.