Mississsippi reviews response plans for health emergencies

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) and several state agencies are working to create a coordinated response to public health emergencies and provide a briefing to Gov. Phil Bryant at the State Emergency Operations Center on Wednesday.

“I understand the concerns of Mississippians with the recent news of a man in Texas being diagnosed with the Ebola virus,” Bryant said. “I have spoken to our State Health Officer Dr. Mary Currier, who has assured me that the Department of Health has been working to guarantee all the various components are in place and that we are prepared to respond to a possible Ebola case should it occur.”

Mississippi’s State Department of Health (MSDH) monitors infectious diseases every day, working with health partners to track emerging diseases on local, national and global levels. It conducts emergency response exercises and drills to prepare for new diseases that hit the state.

Two new diseases – enterovirus D68 and chikungunya – have recently affected Mississippi residents.

MEMA and other state agencies will support MSDH in any way during a potential health emergency.