Marburg hemorrhagic fever outbreak reported in Uganda

One person has died, another is in isolation and more than 80 others are being monitored closely following an outbreak of Marburg hemorrhagic fever (Marburg HF) in Uganda. 

Of the 80 people currently being monitored for further signs of the virus, more than 60 are health care professionals who made contact with the first case, who also worked in the medical field. The 20 other people being monitored were individuals involved in the burial process of the deceased, Xinhua News Agency reports.

"The ministry of health calls upon the public to remain calm and on alert amidst this epidemic,"Elioda Tumwesigye, the minister of state for health, said at a joint media briefing with the World Health Organization (WHO), according to Xinhua News Agency. "All suspected cases can be reported to the ministry of health hotline."

No travel ban has been instituted at this time, but the WHO suggests that citizens follow all precautions put in place to avoid further spread of the virus.

The rare animal-borne Marburg virus affects humans and is part of the same virus family as Ebola. It was first detected in 1967 and is commonly hosted by the African fruit bat.