Canadian government ministers introduce CBRNE resilience strategy and action plan

Emergency management priorities were the main topic of discussion at a meeting of federal-provincial-territorial ministers on Thursday.

The Hon. Vic Toews, the minister of Public Safety Canada, and the Hon. Jim Bradley, the Ontario minister of community safety and correctional services, hosted the event.

“I am pleased to announce we have made significant progress today by putting in place many of the tools we need to strengthen emergency management in Canada,” Toews said. “Our respective responsibilities for emergency management ensure the Government of Canada and the provinces and territories work closely to protect the safety and security of all Canadians.”

The ministers discussed the 2011 revised edition of an Emergency Management Framework for Canada, which they ultimately approved. The document explains emergency management fundamentals and complimentary responsibilities of governments. The document also supports improvements to the emergency management system in Canada.

Toews and Bradley introduced the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives Resilience Strategy and Action Plan for Canada. The document helps governments to prepare for and respond to CBRNE events. It was created after extensive study and discussion with emergency response personnel, cities, provinces, territories and the federal government.