European Union says it is fully engaged in Ebola fight

European Union Commissioner of Health and Consumer Policy Tonio Borg reassured West African countries affected by the latest Ebola outbreak on Friday that the EU is fully involved in the fight against the deadly virus.

"The EU has been engaged in efforts to contain the spread since its first appearance," Borg said in a speech to the European Commission. "From the start, we focused our efforts on isolating the disease and not the affected countries -- this is the vein in which we will continue to assist, in particular the most affected areas, and to work with WHO and other U.N., regional and NGO partners to help tackle the disease as swiftly and efficiently as possible."

The Ebola virus is a Category A Bioterrorism Agent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

In August, the EU provided $15 million in humanitarian response to countries affected by the latest outbreak and announced $176.7 million funding package for Ebola crisis and recovery phases. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso promised an additional $37.8 million in humanitarian aid last week.

Borg told the affected West African countries that the EU will not walk away once the outbreak is over.

"The EU is a long-term and strategic partner in development, and we will continue to be there and help, also in the medium- and longer-term," Borg said. "We call on others to do the same."