TapImmune completes pre-clinical smallpox program at Mayo Clinic

Logo courtesy of TapImmune

TapImmune, Inc., CEO Glynn Wilson recently announced completion of the company’s pre-clinical Smallpox program at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and updated shareholders on progress in the company’s other clinical programs.

With the end of the pre-clinical Smallpox program, researchers are now planning for research in non-human primates.

The Centers for Disease Control classifies smallpox as a Class A Bioterrorism agent – a biological agent that poses a high risk to national security because it spreads easily from person to person and has a high rate of death. In addition, bioterrorism agents in this class require that public health entities take specific actions to prepare for outbreaks, which could cause serious social disruption.

The announcement also said that the company’s Her2Neu breast cancer and ovarian cancer trials had moved into phase 2.

TapImmune is an immunotherapy company that specializes in developing new vaccine technologies to treat cancer and infectious disease.