He is one of the most important scientists of our time.

Stephen Hawking († 76), physics pop star, bestseller (“A Brief History of Time”, “The Universe in a Nutshell”) and series favorite (including “The Simpsons”, “The Big Bang Theory”).

On Saturday, January 8, a British researcher (chair in Cambridge) turns 80. On his birthday, Google Doodle was dedicated to the life of an astronomer and mathematician who pioneered theories about black holes in space, expanding the boundaries of knowledge.

On the way to Hawking University with horny rim glasses and books under his armPhoto: Google

In a beautiful one Pixel-art-video (YouTube) Important points in the life of a genius are shown. Very severe: his ALS diagnosis at 21 years old. Motor neuropathy has pushed him to use a wheelchair since 1968. After a life-threatening pneumonia by tracheotomy, he lost the ability to speak in 1985 – his sharp mind remained intact.

Since then, he has used a voice system for communication, whose Greek, soft voice has become his trademark. You can also hear Stephen Hawking in the doodle video.

The physicist rides in space in a rocket wheelchair and encounters black holes

Paralyzed genius rockets fast into space and meets black holesPhoto: Google

In the video of him looking at black holes in a rocket wheelchair, he says, “I have traveled my life in space with my head down.” And he continues: “Man is incredibly small in this universe. But we are all capable of doing great things. “At the end of the 2 minute and 31 second long clip, he has a message for future generations:” Be brave, be curious, overcome all odds. You can. “

Awkwardness: After his spaceflight, Stephen Hawking parachutes into a flock of sheep

Awkwardness: After his spaceflight, Stephen Hawking parachutes into a flock of sheepPhoto: Google

Stephen Hawking overcame all odds. He is married (even twice), has a family (three children) and has lived with the dreaded disease for 55 years – no ALS patient has survived longer than him.

Hawking died in Cambridge on March 14, 2018 – by accidental pie number and Albert Einstein’s birthday. He was buried in Westminster Abbey in London. There he found his final resting place between two great nature lovers, Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.

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