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Square Enix: A World First and More

Square Enix: A World First and More

Square Enix: World Premiere and More - Catch E3 Live

Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s E3 chapter takes place in a purely digital format.

After several development studios and publishers have held their digital events in the past few days, it’s the turn of Japanese publisher Square Enix on Sunday night. It starts at 9:15 pm our afternoon. If you want to be there, of course, you have the opportunity to follow the event as part of the official live broadcast.

World premiere and many new ads

But what can we look forward to in detail? Of course, Square Enix did not reveal this for reasons of tension and only dealt with the expected content roughly. Among other things, the latest project from Eidos Montreal will be presented in the context of the world premiere.

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It also promised news of “Papillon Fall” for Platinum Games, upcoming content from the multiplayer action title “Marvel’s Avengers” and a closer look at the “Life is Strange: True Colors” adventure developed by Deck Nine Games. One or the other surprise should be expected.

Of course we will be there live and provide you with all the important announcements, impressions and details as soon as possible.

More news on Square Enix.

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