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Song Contest: First Semi Final with Surprises

Song Contest: First Semi Final with Surprises

In front of 3,500 spectators in the hall, Norway, Israel, Russia, Azerbaijan, Malta, Lithuania, Cyprus, Sweden, Belgium and Ukraine qualified for the final. On the other hand, Australia, Ireland, Slovenia, Northern Macedonia, Croatia and Romania are no longer included.

One of the favorites for Saturday started the race with the last starting number: Destiny is convinced of the “Je Me Casse” electro-swing number for Malta. With the song Self-Determination for Women, she now follows in the footsteps of the 2018 song contest winner, Israeli Nita.

16 Malta: Destiny „Je Me Casse“

Belgian surprise

But the vote also had surprises in store: Belgian veterans, the hoverphonic, for example. The song “The Wrong Place,” which was somewhat sad compared to the competition, was compelling, despite previously suspected. The Israeli contribution, “Set Me Free” has also been criticized for being a very smooth dance pop, but singer Eden Arlene, her country’s first Ethiopian-born participant in the competition, made it to the final.

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Little angels and demons

The Norwegian singer Tex, who has gone deep into the prop staircase with his performance of “Fallen Angel” and even wearing angel wings, is also further afield. And where there are angels, the Devil couldn’t be far away: “El Diablo” of the Cypriot Elena Tsagrinou’s participation in Finale can also be heard on Saturdays – although there is hardly an element of the contribution that is not at least suspicious of plagiarism.

With a similar performance concept and a relatively high degree of freedom of textiles and tight fashions for singers and dancers, Azerbaijan is also progressing. Efendi is also permitted to perform “Mata Hari” in the final.

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Folklore meets techno

Tajik singer and activist Manisha scored points for Russia slightly differently than women. In her performance with “The Russian Woman”, she left Matryoshka and left the prevailing image of women in her own country. Musically, it combined traditional and electronic sound.

This is exactly what the Ukrainian group Go_A did as well, with the song “Shum”, they made the most controversial contribution in the first semi-finals, according to social networks: playing the flute and the siren, let’s call it: vocals meet Gemma Techno.

15 Ukraine: Go_A „Shum“

No final without Sweden

It is almost an unwritten law that there can be no final song contest without Sweden. Indeed, singer Tusse has convinced the jury and the public – even if the country, accustomed to success, is not among the top favorites this time.

The Ten Newcomers finally completed The Loop from Lithuania, which opened the show with “Discoteque,” ​​and with its text “It’s Good to Dance Alone,” also gave the stage for the disco slogan of the pandemic. They also showed the drafts of the bolder songs and a little bit of self-irony are definitely appreciated.

Not good evening to poems

It wasn’t a successful evening of under-represented songs anyway: Anna Soklik from Slovenia left with “Amen,” as did singer Vasil, who represented North Macedonia. For Romanian singer Roxen, Amnesia ended Tuesday – although the contribution was actually higher. Maybe the somewhat dark figure and overly playful expressionist dance has spoiled you.

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Also surprisingly, Croatian singer Albina was shot off with the song “Tick-Tock”, hunting in the genre “Tight-fitting singers singing frivolous dance-pop” in the same audience group as Cyprus and Azerbaijan. Leslie Roy from Ireland got lost and entangled in her own surroundings, was more busy removing scraps from the road and a little forgotten about singing. And for the first time not in the final, Australia became a permanent guest. Singer Montaigne, communicating via video, could not convince out loud.

It continues on Thursday

The other 10 finalists will be selected in the second semi-final on Thursday. It will also be exciting for Austria when Vincent Bueno fights for a place in the Finals with the song “Amen”. The “Big Five”, the Big Five, namely France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain and Germany, are already in a safe place, and the host Netherlands will definitely be part of the Grand Final on Saturday.


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