Home Top News Snowboarding in Planica: ‘Bass Day’: hardly any Jaeger skiing opportunities

Snowboarding in Planica: ‘Bass Day’: hardly any Jaeger skiing opportunities

Snowboarding in Planica: ‘Bass Day’: hardly any Jaeger skiing opportunities

German snowboarders disappointed at the start of the last weekend in Slovenia. Elimination of three Eagles from the German Ski Association after just one round.

At the grand finale of the Slovenian air show, German skiers about the outstanding Karl Geiger were the only spectator in the Planica sun.

In twelfth place, Jaeger was DSV-Adler’s best used day skate German and can now certainly fulfill his dream of winning the World Cup overall for this season. “I don’t think it would be realistic if I stuck with it,” Jaeger said. ARD.

Now an 89-point lead over Japanese major Ryoyu Kobayashi, who finished fifth, Geiger has had the slightest bit of luck becoming the first German all-around champion since then. Severin Freund To be seven years ago. He should have won the last singles of the season on Sunday, and Kobayashi Sovereign should not be in the top 20.

Show of strength by the Slovenes

Showing the flying power of the Slovenes to an excited party crowd, only Andreas Willinger reached the second round alongside Geiger of the German national team on Friday. Local champion Ziga Gellar won the victory ahead of his compatriots Peter Breivik, Anzi Lanisic and Timi Zajk.

“It was a bit of a bitter day for us,” said national team coach Stefan Horngacher. “Today it actually didn’t work out much.” The Austrian assessed the situation similarly to Geiger. “It may be unrealistic that we are still competing to win the World Cup,” he said.

Even Geiger’s first ride in the spring-like temperatures of the Schanzen Valley spoiled the mood. 213 meters was only enough for the 19th place after the first round. “It was a really bad jump,” Jaeger said. At the second attempt, the 29-year-old cut 232.5 meters and showed his fists in celebration. His teammates Marcus Eisenbechler, Freund and Konstantin Schmid, who had already left the field, were also happy on the deck chair.

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Willinger flies away

Wellinger succeeded in the longest jump by the German jumper, who showed a colossal jump of 241.5 meters at the second attempt and took 19th place. So cool. It’s really fun to travel here again,” said the 26-year-old, drunk from the trip. And think “Hallelujah, am I high”.

Despite the poor performance, Eisenbechler was also far from frustrated and miserable. “I won’t let my good mood spoil it,” he said, adding, “It’s nice weather.” “I wouldn’t get too stubborn either,” Eisenbechler stated.

Ahead of Sunday’s final, things continue on Saturday with the team’s journey. The German team, which won the silver medal at the World Flying Championships two weeks ago, is actually one of the favorites for the podium from 10am (ARD and Eurosport), but it should improve dramatically.


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