The European Football Championship started on June 11, 2021, a year late. Will there be a small final in 2020/21? If so, when will the match for third place in the final round take place? The date and information about the relocation can be found here.

This year European Football Championship Running from June 11, 2021 to July 11, 2021. A total of 24 nations battled for a place in the semi-finals and finals of this year’s European Football Championship.

Whether there will be a game for 3rd place – i.e. a short finale -, information on when, when, dates, and broadcasts can be found here.

Small final? Game for 3rd place in EM 2021?

At EM 21, in contrast to the World Cup, it was the Confederations Cup or USA Cup, Did not repeat any game for 3rd place. The last match for third place took place 41 years ago, in 1980, between Czechoslovakia and Italy. The UEFA The fight for the “golden pineapple” for the European Championship has canceled the match for third place.

The reasons for this are suspected to be the tight schedule of the European Championship and the unattractiveness of the game. The European Football Association commented on this in 2016: Public and media interest was very low. In 2016, as the number of participating teams increased to 24, the UEFA did nothing to change the “missing” game to third place.

Incidentally, things at the World Cup are very different: in contrast to the European Championship, third place is an integral part of a sporting program. There are currently no plans to cancel the small finals at the World Championships.

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Additional information about European Football Championship 2021:

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