Home science Sixth wave | Two ‘decisive’ weeks for the network, according to Dube

Sixth wave | Two ‘decisive’ weeks for the network, according to Dube

Sixth wave |  Two ‘decisive’ weeks for the network, according to Dube

(Quebec) The next two weeks will be “crucial” for the health network, which will have to deal with increased hospitalizations and the arrival of the flu wave, Christian Dube worries. Public Health is also considering extending mask wear beyond the end of April.

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Fanny Levesque

Fanny Levesque

At the same time that the Keebakers are preparing to take advantage of the long Easter holiday, the health secretary is calling for caution by “avoiding unnecessary risks.” His message is specifically aimed at the most vulnerable people residing in RPA areas where cases are increasing.

“We know that, and we always have a taste these weekends to see our loved ones, but let’s manage our risks. We know the virus,” Minister Dubey said Thursday, echoing the acting National Director of Public Health, Dr.s Luke Poelho, who delivered the same message on Wednesday.

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Christian Dube

The situation in hospitals remains ‘alarming’ with around 13,000 healthcare workers absent due to COVID-19 related reasons. “The network holds the fort, but the next two weeks will be crucial,” Minister Dubey said. “There will be no surprises, but it will be difficult in the emergency room for the next two weeks,” he said.

Quebec will have to contend with a spring wave of the flu virus, which is unusual for this time of year. Minister Dube reminds us that the elderly are, again, more vulnerable and more likely to go to the emergency room.

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The sixth wave is once again forcing institutions to unload surgery. Currently, CISSS and CIUSSS have been able to maintain an average surgical activity level of 70%. Adding the contribution of specialized medical clinics, this percentage comes to about 85%, specifically Mr. Dube. Typically, organizations get away with separating loads from Level 1 to 3.

Towards extending the wearing of the mask

In an interview on 98.5 FM, Drs Boileau said that the possibility of extending mask wearing beyond 1he is May for another two weeks is under consideration.

“It is possible that we would recommend to the government an extension of two more weeks, that did not happen,” he vowed to Louis Lacroix’s microphone. considered ds Boileau said his recommendation would be submitted to the government within the next week.

For his part, François Legault said that if the curve were to drop, maintaining mask wearing “would not be necessary”. Talk about expectations that the sixth wave will lose steam in two weeks. “The outlook remains with a lot of uncertainty, but there will be a rise for another two weeks and then we will start to see the drop. If we are on a slope, it will not be necessary to extend, but we are following it day in and day out,” he said during his visit to Lac Meganique.

On Thursday, Minister Dubey endorsed the recommendation of Drs Boileau. “I will let him finalize the decision, but certainly the best protection now is the mask,” he said.

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And the authorities ordered the maintenance of the wearing of the muzzle in public places and public transport throughout the entire month of April. At first, Quebec was in sight to bring it down in mid-April, but the sixth wave of the epidemic changed the situation.


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