Should we worry about the new XE variant, which is a mix between BA.1 and BA.2?

While health restrictions are being gradually lifted in many countries, the spread of Covid-19 remains strong. France is clearly no exception to the rule.

And while the World Health Organization remains alert for the emergence of any new strain linked to Covid-19, a new variant has been discovered across the channel: the XE variant.

COVID-19: What do we know about the XE variant?

In the UK he has already started making a name for himself. According to information released by UK government website – Later posted by BFMTV The variant in question was first seen there on January 19, 2022.

So far, only 637 cases have been registered in Great Britain. Other countries have already reported the presence of the XE variant on their territory. But then, what exactly do we know about it?

If mixture of Delta and Omicron variants results in XD recombination; The XE variant comes from another recombination. In fact, this time it is the BA.1 and BA.2 variants that are the origin of the recombinant XE “appearance”.

always according to BFMTV, these recombination processes occur when an individual is infected with at least two variants at the same time. Inside his body, the genetic apparatus of variants shuffles.

Variant XE: Is it 10% more contagious?

If preliminary estimates show that this new variant can be 10% more contagious than the BA.2 variant (now the majority in France), the WHO determines that these claims require further research.

As Susan Hopkins – chief medical advisor to the UK’s Health Safety Agency – puts it on Boris Johnson’s government website: sCurrently, there is insufficient evidence to draw conclusions about its transmissibility, severity, or resistance to vaccines.”.

as you say: Recombinant variants are not common, especially when there are many variants in circulation. Several have been identified since the beginning of the epidemic. Like other types of variants, most die fairly quickly.”. case to follow.

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