Home Top News Seehofer wants to prevent illegal immigration from Belarus

Seehofer wants to prevent illegal immigration from Belarus

Seehofer wants to prevent illegal immigration from Belarus

aGiven the growing number of refugees on the route through Belarus and Poland to Germany, the federal government is considering further steps. This is a “situation that we are watching closely,” government spokesman Stephen Seibert said Monday in Berlin. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) will present “options for action” in Cabinet on Wednesday. Seibert noted, among other things, the “increased search for veils.”

“Further measures are being coordinated to prevent illegal immigration,” a spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior said. Did not want to give details. According to her, about 4,500 people have crossed the Polish-German border without an entry permit since August.

The Federal Police Union had previously called for temporary border controls in light of the situation in order to respond to the situation. Seibert explained that the basic position of the federal government, which has not yet provided for the closure of borders in the European Schengen area, has not changed.

Seibert also noted that the situation at the Polish-German border “cannot be compared in any way” to the situation during the refugee crisis in 2015. However, the government spokesperson stressed that the federal government must react to specific developments at the border. A spokesman for Interior Minister Seehofer said earlier that the minister wanted to propose measures at Wednesday’s cabinet meeting. The federal government and the governments of Latvia, Lithuania and Poland accuse Belarus Governor Alexander Lukashenko of moving migrants and refugees from crisis areas to the external borders of the European Union in an orderly fashion. Lukashenko announced at the end of May that Minsk would not prevent migrants from continuing to travel to the European Union – in response to tough Western sanctions against his country.

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