Second division promotion: Ingolstadt and Osnabrück tremble

How much drama is there this time? FC Ingolstadt and F.L. Osnabrück are competing for the long-awaited card for the second round in the German Bundesliga. The Schanzer experienced complete relegation sporting disappointments in 2019 and 2020. The Osnabrücker family also has bad memories of their spooky duels. The first part takes place on Thursday (6.15 pm / ZDF and DAZN) in Ingolstadt, and the second part takes place on Sunday (1.30 pm) in VfL.

FCI Drama Factor: In 2010, Ingolstadt successfully relegated to Hansa Rostock. However, in the past two years, Schanzer has experienced bitter knockout duels. Especially in 2020, there was a real soccer drama when Fabian Schleussner from Nuremberg (90 + 6 minutes) brutally destroyed all of Ingolstadt’s hopes. “It will be a good experience for us,” said coach Thomas Ural. “We’ve seen an awful lot of all-or-nothing games over the past few months.” Ural wants his team focused and humble in his own stadium in front of 250 certified spectators. He said, “You need a calm head and a hot heart.”

VFL Drama Factor: Osnabruckers in Bavaria have been bracing for shakes since Monday. Coach Marcus Feldhoff said disappointment after a lost 1: 2 rescue against FC Erzberg Uwe on Sunday quickly shook his side. We are ready and we want to seize this opportunity. ”Relegation to the first division is an undesirable area for Osnabruckers: in 2009, 2011 and 2013 they failed shortly before the goal. But that was a long time ago. Feldhoff now expects the“ very strong ”Ingolstadt team who Unbeaten in 17 home matches. “I think we have better football quality in attack.” VfL wants to preserve the league with a desire to score.

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