Home Top News Scores for FC Bayern against Pocham: A center forward style with Kimmich and Sane applauding

Scores for FC Bayern against Pocham: A center forward style with Kimmich and Sane applauding

Scores for FC Bayern against Pocham: A center forward style with Kimmich and Sane applauding

Munich – After a 3-0 win over FC Barcelona, ​​Chanda hosted a shooting ceremony at the Champions Arena home of the Champions: a 7-0 qualifier at this level, against a weak and very determined promoted VfL Bochum. It could have ended in double digits. Denied due to Thomas Mல்லller’s 8-0 offside.

Jorua Kimmich won twice, with Leroy Sane a fantastic free kick, Serge Knabry, Robert Lewandowski and substitute Eric-Maxim sabo-moting. In addition, Vasilios Lambropoulos had his own target.

Lewandowski, who set another world record, is currently racing against 28 Bundesliga clubs and, incidentally – in his 19th consecutive match.

On Friday, Bayern will continue with second-placed promoters Grutherford. FC Bayern scores:

Manual is new, Note 3: World goalkeeper Holdman had to push the ball into the corner after a left-footed shot (12th), his only real save. The captain was lucky – but offside when he won the Pochamin Convola in the 64th minute after Lozillas had passed from a tight angle. Otherwise almost unemployed.

Joseph Stanisic, Note 4: The 21-year-old German-Croatian recently sat on the bench twice and only came to a short appearance after Benjamin Boward recovered. Against Pocham, he explains very firmly and reliably. Saw yellow after rude mistakes (52nd) – Unnecessary. In the 61st minute he had to give in to the car with slanted shoulders.

Nicholas Sale, Note 3: The midfielder, who expires at the end of the season, played a strong season under coach Knucklesman, who has so far looked after him in Hoffenheim. Soul worked again on Bob’s storm tank Sebastian Boulder.

Davis was reprimanded by Knucklesman

Lucas Hernandez, Note 3: After eleven in Leipzig and intermediate menopausal surgery, he came off the bench in Barcelona. The Frenchman lived up to his coach’s request, saying: “They are greedy to eat the opponent’s strikers.”

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Alfonso Davis, Note 3: The Canadian with speed control on the left is the fastest player of the current Bundesliga season at 36.08 km / h. Initially due to some lack of concentration and playback errors, Knucklesman was reprimanded and asked to press further. Then be very active and determined. Changed to break, allowed to take deep breaths.

Joshua Kimmich, Note 1: Playmaker, six-man, consistent expert – has been called up from the start in every competitive game (including the national team) this season. Worth not giving him a break: Double goal scorer! A real center forward style made it 2-0. Ball acceptance and processing including a motion shot (deflected). The first goal of the season. Got the second goal 6-0. Allowed to disembark early (72nd).

Leon Koretska, Note 2: Has now extended his contract until 2026. The “speed of contract extension” should be taken as the eighth half-place ahead of Kimmich. Second match against his youth club (previously Bayern were 2-1 in the 2nd Cup round in October 2019). With so much dedication, so many duels and manipulations, it prepared 6-0 for friend Kimmich.

Thomas Mல்லller, Note 3: Scored his 49th goal in the 125th Champions League match against Barஸa, he reached a milestone in the Bundesliga. However, fortunately until the end of the game on his own contracts. His 8-0 defeat was again called for offside.

Gnabry and Sane each with a goal and template

Serge Knabry, Note 2: The winger has only been used in Barசாa since the 70th minute and is now back in the starting line-up. Cleverly, he rushed towards the goal unhindered on his right side and put his right foot shot into the far corner-3-0 (32nd). Season goal number three. Lewandowski provided the template for the goal with a shot on goal, but this was another scorer point.

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LEROY SANÉ, Note 2: Over the weeks, his form has improved considerably, according to Knucklesman “in good shape” so he is a regular player on the right. Fantastic free kick on the left from about 25 meters in the top right corner of the wall – 1-0 (17th), the second goal of the season. And made perfect 2-0 for Kimmich. But one or two more things could have been done. With applause in the 62nd minute.

Robert Lewandowski, Note 3: Bayern’s goal machine (six goals in a league game) never really entered the game, and goal actions belong to others. But then he used a reflex shot from a meter 5-0 from Knabry – so the scary series continues: he set a new league record in his 19th match for Bayern: at 13. Successful Bundesliga home game, once more than Jab Heinkes (1972/73) and Gert Mல்லller (1969/70). Changed to 68th place.

Omar Richards, Note 3: The 23-year-old, who took a free transfer from the English Championship (Division 2) reading FC, will learn to back-up Davis. He was allowed to play after the break and made his Bundesliga debut. He took some quick action on the left and showed good crosses. Introduction to appeal.

Sobo-moting stands back as a wild card

Marcel Sabitzer, Note 3: Home introduction for Austrian who pledged RB Leipzig for nearly 16 million euros. Sane was replaced from the 62nd minute, after which he acted on the left wing. Fits well, had a lot of ball contacts, but no goal participation.

Good sir, tips 3: The first appearance for the French was a 5-0 win over Herta BSc at the end of August. There is only a right-back number three behind Powert and Stanislaus. A little competitive training of Sarin who does not want to leave Bayer in the summer is very pleasant. He did exactly that.

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Eric Maxim Subpo-Motting, Note 2: Center forward Lewandowski replaced in the 68th minute and was allowed to score against a weak Pochumars. And successfully. After a Mல்லller chance, he followed up and scored 7-0 against VFL keeper Riemann on the third (!) Edge. The second goal of the season after a 4-1 win in Leipzig.

Donkey Nianzo, without reference: The 19-year-old Frenchman, who came from PSG in a free transfer in the summer of 2020, was allowed to play again. Kimmich made his fifth change in the 72nd minute and acted as a defensive midfielder (actually a central defender) in front of the defense. Played excitedly.


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