Scene in England: Liverpool won 2-2 in Manchester

The title struggle in the Premier League remains exciting. In a great match, Manchester City and Liverpool separate 2:2.

You have an exciting showdown yourgen club and the Liverpool FC It prevented an initial decision for the title race in England. After falling behind twice and being visibly inferior in the first half, Klopp and the Reds fought a duel between star coaches Pep Guardiola and the Premier League leaders. Manchester General flattery 2-2 (1-2).

Liverpool tied twice in Manchester City

Liverpool’s chaser climbed 14 points behind Mancetti to one before the first game was broadcast worldwide on Sunday – but at the sold-out Etihad Stadium he was only behind in the first 45 minutes. Kevin De Bruyne (5) and Gabriel Jesus (37) scored for the hosts, and Diogo Jota’s provisional equalizer (13) was one of the very few good measures.

After the break, Sadio Mane (46) responded immediately, which Liverpool then got with a much better performance. After a strong duel, there are still seven league matches on the program.

“The trend is your friend” was Klopp’s mantra in light of his 10-game winning streak in the league, which he summed up the rivalry of the past few years with a tennis analogy. “We push each other to achieve incredible consistency and incredible points, like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal,” he said. National player Ilkay Gundogan, who initially sat on the bench with the hosts, described the match as “the biggest on the continent”.

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On Sunday, the duel began as a full-fledged event, but by no means from Klopp’s point of view. Raheem Sterling single-handedly missed Reds goalkeeper Alisson (5th), then ex-Schalke player Joel Matip parried De Bruyne’s unlucky shot as it was unlikely. Jota equalized quickly, but remained unruly and intense with more advantages that are very obvious to ManCity. Jesus’ first league goal since September almost made sense.

Manchester City-Liverpool: Another FA Cup duel

Liverpool regrouped and returned to play right after the break, and Mane converted a global pass from Mohamed Salah. Since then, both teams have played consistently for the win and had very good chances – the best of which was missed by City star Riyad Mahrez in the fourth minute of extra time.

Klopp and Guardiola meet again on Saturday at the Etihad Stadium in the FA Cup semi-final, before both play in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final. Liverpool hosts Benfica with a 3-1 win from the first leg, while City have to defend a 1-0 draw with Atletico Madrid.

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