SAS future at risk from ongoing pilots' strike

Scandinavian airline SAS sees its future in jeopardy due to the ongoing pilots’ strike. More than 2,500 flights have been canceled since the strike began.

The feud between the pilots and the Scandinavian airline SAS has been going on for several weeks. Since July 4, the captains have stopped working – as a result of which 2,500 flights have already been cancelled. He said that due to the airline’s already bad financial situation, the group CEO sees the company’s future in danger fvw travel talk.

Bankruptcy proceedings and pilot strikes

Scandinavian Airlines is not having an easy time at the moment. The airline recently had to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy protection is sought in the USA. Since then, the airline has managed to restructure itself financially without pressure from creditors.

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But the pilots are now on strike and there are many flight cancellations. Accordingly, income is also suffering significantly and obstacles are being put in the way of the planned reorganization, according to the group’s CEO Anko van der Welff. He sees the company’s future in grave danger due to the strike.

We must reach an agreement and end the strike as soon as possible.

Anko van der Welf, President of SAS

If the strike lasts longer, it becomes increasingly unlikely to save the company. Since the 4th of July, 60% of all flights have been cancelled. Losses amount to 12 million euros per day. However, no agreement has yet been reached.

Conclusion about the future of SAS threatened by continuous experimental strikes

Scandinavian airline SAS is currently in a deep crisis. The airline actually wanted to restructure its finances under US bankruptcy protection. However, the constant experimental blow makes this project currently impossible. The airline could no longer stand the dispute. As a result, the company loses approximately 12 million euros every day.


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