Home Tech Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Bad news for iPhone users

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Bad news for iPhone users

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Bad news for iPhone users

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 presents a real challenge to the Apple Watch. Samsung and Google are already creating something like the first serious competition for the Apple Smartwatch. Unfortunately, the iPhone users of all people are now being ignored by the Koreans.

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Previous Samsung smartwatches, which are based on its own “Tizen” operating system, can be easily connected and used with an iPhone running iOS. Although this may happen rarely due to the sheer power of the Apple Watch, it is possible. This opening in the system is now over.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 without iPhone support

As Samsung confirms, Neither the new Galaxy Watch 3 nor the Galaxy Watch 3 Classic will connect to iPhone or other iOS devices Bad news (source: ArsTechnica). After all, older Tizen smartwatches do not lose support and can still be used with the iPhone.

Strange, Samsung is making a smartwatch that can really compete with the Apple Watch for the first time, but at the same time Give iPhone Users a Basket. So in the future they have another reason to buy the Apple Watch outright and to reject the latest Samsung smartwatch. But why did you come to this?

Nothing works without Android

If you don’t know yet: The new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is now under the new Wear OS 3.0 by Google, “hidden” under Samsung’s user interface (One UI Watch 3.0). So Samsung is putting its previous platform on the sidelines and doing joint business with Google. If you want to connect your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to a smartphone, you must install Android on it. At least version 6.0, for Tizen watches, version 5.0 was enough. Don’t forget: Google Mobile Services (Play Services and Play Store) should also be available – Huawei doesn’t like to hear that.

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