'Sad:' Liz didn't get any flowers from Jimmy for Mother's Day

Never get a rose again! Many celebrities have used Mother’s Day today to honor the most important person in their lives: their mother. It also seems to be an important day for the Ochsenknecht family. On her day of honor, Cheyenne Uchenknecht (21) congratulated her mother Natasha (57) with loving words and some sweet souvenirs. But one ex-family member appears to have gone empty-handed today: Liz Cog (28).

Snow Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht’s mother (30) was Snow’s daughter in Instagram– Q&A Her followers asked her if she had received flowers from her ex-husband. The influencer denied it. “It’s a little sad. I was going to send at least one message.”betrayal yellies. But she would have received flowers from her family and kind letters from her community, the former undergraduate student wrote.

yellies It seems that there is still something annoying about the separation. As part of the same Q&A, she was also asked how she came out of the slump. “I keep getting deeper and deeper. Time heals my wounds”She replied. Are you referring to your ex? Jimmy He calls, leaving it open. still looks yellies To be happy that she and the actor didn’t take the next step. Her answer was “Fortunately I didn’t get married,” when I was asked whether one should marry first or have children first. She would have no choice now anyway.

Cheyenne and Natasha Uchenknecht

Instagram / nataschaochsenknecht

Cheyenne and Natasha Uchenknecht
Jimmy Blow Ochsenknecht, actor

Tim, Michael / Action Press

Jimmy Blow Ochsenknecht, actor
Liliz Koge, “Kampf der Realitystars” -Candidatin 2022


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