Home entertainment RTL snatches Florian Silbereisen – DSDS Jury Complete

RTL snatches Florian Silbereisen – DSDS Jury Complete

RTL snatches Florian Silbereisen – DSDS Jury Complete

So it worked. Florian Silberisen is actually following in the footsteps of Dieter Bohlen and will be the jury chief for the Deutschland Asst den Superstar starting next season. The rest of the jury is also known.

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It was recently rumored that Florian Silberizen is RTL’s favorite to be the new jury chief for “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” after Dieter Bohlen and broadcaster went their separate ways this spring. The reason: RTL is currently upending everything and wants to make its look more family friendly in the future. Now the broadcaster has confirmed that the pop star will take over the DSDS position. Who will sit next to him shouldn’t be a secret anymore.

According to a “DWDL” report regarding RTL, Silbereisen will have support from Dutch singer Ilse DeLange and music producer Toby Gad. When asked by t-online, the announcer confirms the news. This year, Ilse DeLange was a nominee for the dance show “Let’s Dance” and in 2019 the 44-year-old was on the popular Vox show “Sing My Song”.

Ilse DeLange: It belongs on the new DSDS jury.  (Source: IMAGO / Future Image)Ilse DeLange: It belongs on the new DSDS jury. (Source: IMAGO / Future Image)

The 53-year-old Gad has already worked with great musicians like Beyoncé, Shakira, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and John Legend.

Colorful, full of emotion and sympathy.

“We want to create more bonfire moments for young and old,” said Kay Storm, head of RTL’s entertainment division, the jury’s new line-up. He added, “The new DSDS should be colourful, entertaining and full of emotion!” We are very pleased with the commitments of Silbereisen, DeLange and Gad. As this not only brings together “a jury focused musical experience,” the format has also been given a “new treatment” – with “more passion and empathy.” Sympathy was not always a priority for Dieter Bohlen – a loyal audience would know. The pop titan was known for his harsh and sometimes controversial sayings.

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By the way, pop star Silbereisen knows what he’s getting into. The 39-year-old has already appeared on DSDS: in the spring of 2020, he replaced Xavier Naidoo for the remaining live shows, After he was expelled due to the videos shared on the network in which the singer clearly positioned himself on the right.


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