Home Top News ‘Roman needs a million’: Abramovich reportedly pumps wealthy US friends

‘Roman needs a million’: Abramovich reportedly pumps wealthy US friends

‘Roman needs a million’: Abramovich reportedly pumps wealthy US friends

“Roman needs a million”
It is said that Abramovich pumped money from wealthy American friends

According to one report, Roman Abramovich can no longer pay employees on his luxury yachts. Construction work has stopped on a gorgeous new villa in Tel Aviv. She added that the Russian oligarchy is now asking wealthy American friends for a loan worth millions. But they are more likely to be afraid of violating sanctions.

Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich has recently made headlines for his role as an international peace negotiator. But for now, the billionaire is said to be primarily working on his behalf. The 55-year-old, whose fortune is estimated at $8.2 billion, is soliciting loans from wealthy Hollywood CEOs, Wall Street financiers and tech tycoons, according to the New York Post. She said he needed the money to pay his employees. Construction workers working on his new villa in Tel Aviv have been instructed to stop work. He is also trying to keep the crews of his many luxury yachts afloat with borrowed money.

According to the report, the billionaire is suffering from a shortage of cash due to the sanctions imposed by the United Kingdom, the European Union and the United States. The newspaper quoted an unnamed source as saying that “Roman is asking all his powerful friends to lend him a million dollars.” “He tells them he has never missed his employees’ salaries, which is $750,000 a week, and with his assets frozen, he can’t pay his employees.”

The newspaper continues that a request from Abramovich or a celebrity who was said to have applied for a loan has so far remained unanswered. Referring to the American gossip site Page Six, it is said that none of his influential American friends wanted to give him the money for fear of legal consequences. They also told him that they do not currently have such large amounts of cash. The oligarch has been on London’s sanctions list since March 10. Abramovich’s British assets have been frozen. Banned from traveling to the UK. British citizens and companies are not allowed to do business with it.

The Kremlin rejects poisoning rumors

In addition to her holdings in Russian nickel and steel companies and homes around the world, Abramovich’s fortune includes a collection of private jets, helicopters, cars and yachts believed to be worth up to £1.2 billion. His yachts include the Eclipse, the largest in the world when completed in 2010. The Financial Times reported that another ship, the 140-meter Solaris, completed last year, left a dock in Turkey yesterday after the port owners were informed that they violating British sanctions.”

After speculation about Abramovich’s role in the Russian-Ukrainian negotiations, the Kremlin confirmed the role of the oligarchs’ official mediator at the end of March. At the same time, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov dismissed a Wall Street Journal report that the Russian billionaire may be the target of a poisoned attack.

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