Home Tech Rocksmith+ Officially Announced – Trailer & Preliminary Information

Rocksmith+ Officially Announced – Trailer & Preliminary Information

Rocksmith+ Officially Announced – Trailer & Preliminary Information

Celebrating at Ubisoft Forward Rocksmith Tenth Anniversary with Announcement Rocksmith +, The new subscription service, with which you should be able to learn the tools easily.

What is Rocksmith+?

Rocksmith + It is the new subscription service with which you can use the tried and tested service Rocksmith– How to learn to play guitar or bass. Rocksmith + It will be available on different devices, you can use it from your smartphone or your computer.

at Rocksmith + Plays well-known songs that you can choose from a large library. You can simply use your guitar or bass and connect it by cable or wirelessly. New songs are added constantly and you can also upload your own.

Rocksmith + Compatible with acoustic, electric and bass guitars and offers thousands of songs to get you started. In the future, the number of songs will grow to millions, including titles from rock, classic, indie, alternative, hip-hop, pop, metal, country, Latin, R&B and many more. At first it will Rocksmith + Get a variety of original formats that reproduce songs as the artists originally played them. In addition, all the songs in the library will be playable with chord tables that you can mix and shuffle.

You get live feedback while playing and you can improve yourself. Little by little, we hope you can play without any bugs. The package also includes video tutorials and personalized recommendations based on your skill level.

How much the subscription will cost is not yet known. First, a closed beta starts on the PC, and if you want to participate, you will find all the information Here.

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You can watch the first trailer here:

Rocksmith + Trailer


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