Riot Games is suing once again the creators of cloned League of Legends

Riot Games is once again suing the Shanghai tech company for allegedly creating a version of League of Legends. Specifically, it is about one A replica of the mobile branch “Wild Rift”. In principle, of course, Riot alone does not have the right to the MOBA, but the similarities in this game are said to be so serious that it is already suing the Chinese company again. Recently, Riot Games was sued after revealing cases of gender discrimination in the workplace.

Riot Games is suing for the second time

In 2018, they filed a lawsuit against Shanghai Moonton Technologies Co. To create a copy of the Mobile Wild Rift branch of League of Legends. However, they were initially referred to China by US courts. There, parent company Tencent finally filed and won a lawsuit. The game had to be removed from all app stores and Riot was one $2.9 million in compensation Compensation.

Now another lawsuit has been filed against Moonton Technologies in the US, this time for its latest game with the very creative name, “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang”. According to Riot, this is a minimally modified version of the 2018 version that was removed from the app stores. Since then, Chinese developers have reportedly “updated MLBB to copy certain elements of the Wild Rift, continuing to seize Riot’s intellectual property.”


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