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  • “I didn’t want to do anything else with this guy!” Nevinka escapes from Croatia after a bad dispute with Ivica.
  • Karen also speaks through tears: the lady-in-waiting reports how the fate of the late farmer Werner in South Africa suddenly took its course.
  • In contrast, there is pure love for happiness in Hungary and Costa Rica.

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It began very romantically, but the young love of wine Ivica and his lady-waiting Nevenka ended in the finale of “Bauer sucht Frau International” (RTL) with an ugly scandal. At a barbecue, the two former lovebirds repeatedly clashed: “She’s always against me!” The Croatian complained full of vitality. “She always wants to be right, that’s not good!”

She often tears at 57, and at one time it was enough for her: “For me you are a man!” Evica said. His interpretation of this phrase: “She is a very dominant woman, she always decides!” Nevenka heard enough, so she ran away: “I didn’t want to do anything else with this guy! I just wanted to escape! I don’t want to hear any more insults!”

“Bauer sucht Frau International”: Mourning Werner – “I wanted to tell him so much”

farmer looking for woman international inca boss werner cancer final dead love rtl dome show
Farmer Werner has little time left after being diagnosed with cancer.

© TVNOW / Tobias Strempel

South African Werner’s love for Mrs. Karen ended with a sad ending of a completely different kind: the beloved farmer died unexpectedly soon after the shooting. In a touching conversation, Karen revealed to presenter Inka Bause how fate suddenly took its course.

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“I wanted to tell him more,” cried the 62-year-old. “But it doesn’t work anymore!” Every day after her stay in South Africa, I spoke to Werner on the phone. Then the shock: “Suddenly it was yellow!” , remembered. She said, “You must have jaundice!” But after a visit to the doctor, the 64-year-old knew: “I have a liver tumor!

said Karen, who is still in contact with the Werner children and is part of this South African family.

After Karin and Inka together looked at the highlights of their court week together, Boss thought: “It couldn’t be more beautiful, this farewell to life!” – “It’s a great keepsake!” , explained Werner Jr., one of the farmer’s four sons, via video call.

“Hopelessly Expired!” – Bause visits Young Fortune around the world

farmer looking for woman international inca boss werner cancer final dead love rtl dome show
Acne: Petra wants to immigrate to Herbert in Hungary.


Inka Bause also stopped at the finals in Hungary and Costa Rica, because Omar was especially successful there: for example, Petra moved to Cowboy Herbert in Hungary: “I will give up everything for Herbert!” , admitted. “I’m giving up my job, my apartment, and my entire existence in Germany, but it’s worth it for me. If not for him, then for who else!” The presenter also thought that it was too fast: “In six months – call me again to see how it goes – set off towards emigration!”

farmer looking for woman international inca boss werner cancer final dead love rtl dome show
First Kiss: Nico now wants to move in with Nicola.


Nico and Nicola also want to move to live together in Costa Rica – the immigrant wants to build an already planned house a little faster. Perhaps the organic farmer himself was amazed at how positive all this was: “I would never have thought I would love someone so much! I am amazed that he attracted me like that,” he admitted. And Nicola, a Costa Rican of her choice, is also smoldering: “I lost my heart to Costa Rica and now to Nico!” , revealed. Inka Bause of course gave the farmer her blessing: “You just have to look in your face to see that you are hopelessly addicted to her! It makes us love him!”

farmer looking for woman international inca boss werner cancer final dead love rtl dome show
In Kalina from Mexico did not work.


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However, Bause did not transfer to Mexico: unfortunately, there was no new love of partying there either. It seems that only candidate Oliver found his luck, but not with farmer Kalina: “I’m glad he’s so in love!” “He found a beautiful Brazilian pearl!” The road will actually be free for Rainer’s roof. But even when Kalina visited Germany, everything remained quite friendly: “We love each other in our own way!” This 50-year-old explained.

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