Home Top News Report: Despite the Bayern change, Diod Upamekano R.P. Should start training in Leipzig

Report: Despite the Bayern change, Diod Upamekano R.P. Should start training in Leipzig

Report: Despite the Bayern change, Diod Upamekano R.P.  Should start training in Leipzig

The start of training in Bayern Munich without the most expensive club transfer of the summer? According to a report Game Shoot Despite the already consistent change to the dominant champion, R.P. Diod Upamekano must complete the first training days of summer preparation at Leipzig. Accordingly, the 22-year-old FCP contract does not apply – as Bayern initially announced – from July 1, but from July 15. Submegano is expected to be coached by his (current) employer until July 5, when the Lifespan production for the new Bundesliga season begins under new coach Jesse Marsh.


Background: Federal defender Bayer is moving to .5 42.5 million, and will have to fill the remaining gap with free transfers from David Alaba and Jerome Boden. Sadie Champions executed a section in the submeganos contract, which allowed RB to leave for a permanent transfer after the season. This is the F.C. It makes Bayer the most expensive summer transfer ever – and, according to Bayer’s oversight committee and former president Uli Honeyk, it will remain: “There will be no big transfers, you can forget,” HoeneƟ said recently. According to Honey, the FCP will not lose “any quality” for the new season: “What we are missing is what we have replaced with Diod Upamekano,” the co-president is adamant.

But only after July 15? According to the report, talks are already underway to present the transfer date of the Frenchman, who has not been nominated for the European Championship. But without success. Accordingly, the Bavarians were not prepared to accept the salary of a security expert for the period from 1 to 15 July. RB will now have to continue to pay until the date of transfer as planned.

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Via Game Shoot Leipzig’s business director Florian Scholes spoke about the interesting situation surrounding Upamekano. “If Diod Upamekano starts getting ready for his new club after the summer break it will definitely make more sense for both clubs,” he said while confirming details of the deal. “But in the current contract arrangement it is correct that this is not the case. Therefore, we expect him to be at the start of training at RP Leipzig today.” “To ensure the diod comes into the Bayon match on July 15th” R.P. Scholes said Leipzig would still do “everything”.

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