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Red cabbage is a very healthy side dish

red cabbage It brings with it many health benefits. For example, protect from Cardiovascular diseaseAnd the Strengthens the immune systemA. promotes Weight loss And it’s good for him colon.

Contains red cabbage as well cabbage or Savoy cabbage Just Few caloriesbut large amounts of Vitamin C. Cabbage is also a good source of others Vitamins and minerals How Vitamin A and potassium He is rich in health the basic.

Health benefits of anthocyanins in red cabbage

Various studies have already found beneficial effects of red cabbage on health. These in particular are attributed to the potent anthocyanins present.

Anthocyanins are water-soluble plant pigments that give many fruits and flowers a red-orange to blue-purple color with less risk of infection. Cardiovascular disease In context, experts from Harvard Medical School explained in a press release.

Red cabbage juice protects against oxidative stress

The main component of anthocyanins in red cabbage Cyanidin-3-diglucoside-5-glucoside (CY3D5G). in an English-language magazineAntioxidantsThe published study examined how CY3D5G derivatives from red cabbage juice affect oxidative stress and lifespan Cells and Caenorhabditis elegans effect.

Caenorhabditis elegans is a threadworm found in Developmental Biology and Genetics Often typical object It is being used.

The investigation found that red cabbage juice derivatives cell viability Significantly improved. In addition, red cabbage juice increases Survival rate under oxidative stress and extended average age von Caenorhabditis elegans

Interestingly, all of these effects were found only in red cabbage juice. juice out cabbagewhich was also examined in the study number These beneficial effects.

According to the researchers, the results could be due to the fact that red cabbage juice contains a much higher percentage of total phenolsAnd the ascorbic acid;And the Glucosinolate And the anthocyanins; We take.

Red cabbage strengthens the immune system and improves gut health

In addition, red cabbage has a variety of other health benefits. And so inInternational Journal of Pharmaceutical and Chemical ResearchI mentioned that red cabbage is dying Detoxification of the body supports that Strengthens the immune systemIt is good for the skin. Constipation relieves f Gut health Encourage.

More health benefits of red cabbage

Also, red cabbage can do that Weight loss Supports thanks to its antioxidant effect chronic diseases for example Alzheimer or depressions prevent.

In light of its wide range of health benefits, red cabbage is particularly suitable as your side dish feed To make something healthier in a simple way. (as such)

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