Reactions to EM Final Thriller
“This is an incredible pain.”

The European Football Championship is over and it ends with a thriller. Or a play, depending on your vision. Reactions to Italy’s title success were the opposite. There is a mixture of pride and sadness in the UK, emotions are clear in Italy.

Roberto Mancini (Italy coach): “We agreed on an initial goal, but we responded and deserved success. We are happy and hope the Italian people will celebrate.”

Gareth Southgate (England coach): “We were incredibly disappointed, the players gave everything they could. (…) But you can not blame us, it was a pleasure to work with them. We’re more than us for a long time. But now it’s very painful. Who scored the penalty. I’m determined that no one is alone. We won as a team, we lost as a team. When it comes to penalties, it’s mine. “

“We were spectacular”

Gianluigi Donorumma (Italy): “We were the exception, we’re so happy. We said an inch was missing, we made it. It’s an incredible thing, we are a fantastic team, we all deserve it. We will never give up. We agreed on a starting goal, It was not easy, they were well protected but we were spectacular, we were terrorists.

Leonardo Bonucci (Italy): “A historic goal. A dream come true. We believe in it from the start of production. It’s a little different than usual. We provided security for each other, we are a real team. We are enjoying it now” Many left before the awards ceremony. They thought the trophy would stay in London and now it was coming to Rome. Italy once again taught a lesson. 34 games we have not lost. We know when we will do it. “As far as we can, we bring the trophy home.”

“This is awesome”

Giorgio Cielini (Italy): “We won, we felt there was something magical in the air. We deserve it, Italy deserves it all. It’s an incredible feeling. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of this trip for the last three years. It’s beautiful. It’s fun. We agreed on the starting goal, but we dominated the rest of the game. We made history and enjoyed it. We want to celebrate tomorrow with all the Italians. “

Emerson (Italy): “It was a wonderful evening, we were very much looking forward to this moment. From the first day we were confident we would win, now we want to celebrate. We did not give up, we played our game. It was a force of Italy, we struggled and sweated until the last second. “

Federico Bernardecci (Italy): “I worked very hard this year, it’s not an easy season for me. When you play a season like this, it’s sometimes complicated. I have to thank everyone who has always trusted me, even if it’s not done well, we are on the roof of Europe. We could not have repaid it better. I want to enjoy the evening now, this thing. You can not describe the feelings. The feeling is really indescribable. “

“They acted like heroes”

Harry Kane (England captain): “Losing is a very bad feeling. It’s our fantastic match. We have to raise our heads. But of course it hurts, it hurts a lot. Anyone can be penalized. We will win together, we will lose together. As a result we will grow. “We are very proud of what we have achieved as a team. We have made progress from Russia – and we are continuing to do that now.”

Boris Johnson (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, via Twitter): “It was a heartbreaking result at the end of the European Championship, but Gareth Southgate and his team played like heroes. They made the nation proud and deserve great recognition.”

Mario Draghi (Italian premiere, via Twitter): “Assuri, led by coach Roberto Mancini, has shown exceptional team spirit and played with excellent personality. The trophy returns to Italy for more than 50 years.”

Prince William (FA President, via Twitter): “You all have come so far, but unfortunately that day is not ours. You can all walk with your head held high and be proud of yourself.”

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