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Rapper Flair calls the allegations ‘ridiculous’

Rapper Flair calls the allegations ‘ridiculous’
Bushido on a previous trial history (archive photo).

Bushido on a previous trial history (archive photo).Photo: www.imago-images.de / Olaf Wagner

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Bushido rushed into the courtroom, dressed in black pants and a black leather jacket. The two rappers used to be best friends, now they are enemies and they will see each other again in court. You must testify as a witness. Against Arafat Abu Shakir, the former director of Bushido and three of his brothers.

Bushido, who also serves as a joint plaintiff, can save himself the appointment. He has already testified for 25 days and will likely take the stand again, but not today. However, it seems that he wants to hear in his own ears what his old friend says about him and Arafat in court.

This is what the process is all about

According to the indictment, the criminal offenses are said to have occurred after Bushido wanted to dissolve the business relationship in 2017. According to the indictment, Abu Shaker did not want to accept this and demanded Bushido to pay $1 million in addition to participating in his music business for 15 years. The rapper was threatened, humiliated, imprisoned and injured. The brothers, aged 39, 42 and 49, are accused of complicity or accomplices.

Flair has changed sides. To his left is Bushido, his enemy. On the right, in the dock, is his now close friend Arafat Abu Shaker. “In the scene, you are either very close friends or very close enemies,” he explains to the presiding judge about the different nature of relationships.

Flair, whose real name is Patrick Losinski, was supposed to testify at the end of January. At that time, he was not allowed into the courtroom due to lack of third generation credentials. This time he is ready. And chats outside the sewing box. Judge Martin Morosk wants to know how to show good friendship with Arafat. Flair replies: Go out to eat, make phone calls, and buy clothes together.

Arafat was once one of his greatest enemies. Precisely at the time when Bushido left co-brand Aggro Berlin and left his friend Fler behind. Flair explains his disappointment: “Bushido was like a mentor, an older brother who then ran away to get a better contract.” Unfortunately, there was no clear discussion on this topic. “I didn’t really forgive him for that.”

Bushido left the label in a dispute with Flair and took refuge in the Abu Shakir family. Flair still thinks of the “famous day” when Arafat was said to have forced the termination of the contract with Agro Berlin. He was in the same office. “A few people came,” he recalls. “It was definitely a dangerous situation.” Eventually the dissolution was signed and Bushido moved to Universal Music.

Richter reported to MTV about the attempted knife attack on Flair

Since then, Flair has also been in Arafat’s line of fire. “There have been many attacks against me,” Flair explains. However, he again got close to Bushido (and thus also with Arafat) in 2009. “For strategic reasons,” he says. “So that you can live in Berlin again without fearing for your life.” “You can bother you again without stabbing,” he adds.

The presiding judge digs deeper. He wants to know what kind of attack he was involved in. And whether they really tried to stab him. “Yes, on MTV,” Flair shrugs, as if surprised because the judge doesn’t know. This one is interested now. Investigate. Flair leans back and reaches out to tell the story of how he tore a Bushido poster right in front of the cameras on MTV in 2007. A short time later, masked men stormed the building and tried to attack it with knives. Only the intervention of the bodyguard prevented the worst.

Fler describes events with equanimity, chooses his words carefully and speaks in a clear voice, looking forward. Arafat follows Flair’s interpretations with interest. Bushido seems less concerned, shrugging his face and flicking his arms around his mask. And the presiding judge: He has now found his object of interest – the MTV story.

“If you refuse bushido, you will find your face in your face, and that was the recipe for success.”

Flair on Arafat’s role in Bushido

He wants to know if Flair knew that Arafat was behind the attack and if it had anything to do with the torn poster. Flair confirmed. But how does he know? Flair now evades, saying he thinks Arafat noticed something about it. This is a clear. There was also an explanatory discussion afterwards. Between the intervening guard and members of the Abu Shaker family. That Arafat in public Chat with Fler on Tiktok He already admitted sending the attackers, that doesn’t tell Fler.

In the meantime, Senior Prosecutor Leicester is also very interested in the story, and the name of the bodyguard has been clarified and typed on the keyboard hastily. Meanwhile, Flair sped off. “If you refuse bushido, you will find your face in your face, and that was the recipe for success.” He is sure: “Bushido would not have been so successful without the force behind it.” By this he means the “back” of Bushido, that is, the protection and support of Arafat.

Flair considers allegations against Arafat to be lies

Reconciliation with Bushido did not last long. “We’ve put up with each other for three or four years,” Flair continues. After Bushido broke up with Arafat, he certainly felt elated, he says. Then approached contact with Arafat. Hostility to Bushido continued.

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So Flair heard the allegations against Arafat from his point of view. Richter asked Morosk if he had spoken to Arafat about the case. Yes – Arafat told him that these allegations were “nonsense”, and “a lie” and “fabricated,” according to Flair. He adds, “Even if it was, it’s ridiculous. It doesn’t make sense to me.” But this is just his personal opinion.

When Flair was released from the witness stand, he ran back outside the room, bypassing Bushido. Then he tweeted – obviously relieved: “Mission completed.” However, he will have to return to court in a couple of days. In another matter. The trial of the 39-year-old is due to begin on Friday in a number of alleged crimes. In March 2020, for example, he reportedly attacked, threatened, and insulted a television crew who wanted to meet him as he was leaving a store.

It is possible that Vissel K. Testifying at the Bushido trial after all

The trial of Arafat Abu Shaker is not over yet, and it is accelerating again. The audio file, which was published by “Stern” and intended to refute the indictment, is now subject to examination and verification by the Fraunhofer Institute.

Additionally, Veysel K. will likely not be able to testify as a witness in court. The severe offender was considered an outlet in the clan environment and one of the most important witnesses. However, he was deported last year – in the middle of the ongoing operation, which caused resentment and misunderstanding of the participants in the operation. Now the judge has announced that your entry permit has been denied by the immigration authorities.

It continues on Monday, February 28.

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