Rangers goes into extra time: Prague lose to nine

It seemed like a long time before the Rangers won against Sporting Prague, but the Portuguese were caught late. Only at the stop did the roof clear everything. Leipzig is waiting for Scotland in the semifinals.

Winner of the match for the Rangers on the third attempt: Khmer Rouge.

Winner of the match for the Rangers on the third attempt: Khmer Rouge.
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On the home side, Giovanni von Bronkhorst spun into four positions compared to 0-1 in the first leg: Parisic started on the left side on defense, but Passy slipped into the middle for former miner Balochan. Ahead, Roof had to set the tone for Sakala, Ramsay and Aribo were in the midfield instead of the camera and Arfield.

Carlos Carvalho made two changes in Prague: Oliveira replaced Gonzalez on the right wing, while Fabiano pushed the attack. In midfield, Andre Castro replaced former Nuremberg Yuri Medros in the opening XI.

Rangers with lightning start

The home side started furiously at the Ibrox Stadium and went 1-0 two minutes later: Paris Sick’s cross extended Aripo to the back post, where Tavernier finished. 2-0 came shortly after, but Parisick had his hand on the ball in front of the roof cross (5 ‘).

The Scots mentality did not let them down and persisted. Again and again, dangerous crosses went into the penalty area for the guests, but the hosts failed to score on the goalkeeper, crossbar (32nd) or themselves. Shortly before the break, Tavernier went 2-0 (42 ‘) from that spot – the last time Dormana blocked the roof, and saw a red card.

The Portuguese lost in the second round, with only the Rangers playing again. Rufin’s second goal was not allowed again as the striker was flagged for offside (70 ‘). Ten minutes later, Ramsey’s goal was deflected by a former Arsenal player who fouled goalkeeper Mathews (80 ‘) when he shot towards the goal.

Out of nowhere Prague

Despite the clear dominance, several missed chances were avenged and Prague came back into the game: after a corner, Carmo nodded freely in the middle to make it 1-2 (83 ‘) and pushed his team into extra time.

Here, too, the Rangers grabbed the reins against ten guests and scored again: Roof had to put his feet down after a sharp cross from Aribo – this time the striker’s goal was calculated (101 ‘).

Shortly before the break, Madiros received two active yellow cards, giving him a yellow-red card (105th). The former Nuremberg complained a lot to the referee after a mistake.

Goals and cards

1: 0Tavernier (2 ‘)

2: 0Tavernier (44 ‘, penalty kick)

2: 1David Carmo (83 ‘)

3: 1Roof (101 ‘)

Glasgow Rangers


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Francois latex

Francois latex

Game Info

Substitute Arfield missed the end twice in the second extra time (109th, 110th), but that did not change anything in the qualifying but exciting win over Glasgow Rangers Sporting Prague. RP Leipzig is waiting for Scotland in the semifinals on Thursday, April 28 (9pm, live! On kicker). The Saxons won 2-0 at Bergamo and advanced to the semifinals, as did Eintracht Frankfurt, who won 3-2 at Barcelona.


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