Queen Elizabeth Walks On A Stick - Generous Even With A Walker - Members Of The Royal Family

The Queen (95) walks on a stick.

For the first time, the British Queen used a walker in public without an acute medical reason.

Accompanied by her daughter Anne (71), she attended Westminster Abbey Abbey in London.

At first, the queen got out of the car without a stick

At first, the queen got out of the car without a stickFoto: picture alliance / empics

Only after I left the limousine did I give the Queen a walker

Only after I left the limousine was the queen given the walker. Princess Anne is waiting in the backgroundPhoto: Arthur Edwards The Sun / dpa

But even with a walker, Elizabeth II walked the rows to her seat with a gracious smile.

She also used the stick on the way back. The palace did not want to comment on that.

In 2003 and 2004, the Queen used a cane after knee surgery. Since then she has always been on the go without her.

The Queen underwent surgery at the King Edward VII Clinic in the heart of London. This is England’s private clinic – and the Royal Hospital.

The Queen is the patroness, her mother the Queen Mom (101) who had a fish bone removed from her throat in 1982.

Elizabeth’s daughter-in-law, Duchess Kate (39), gave birth to her children there.

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