Queen Elizabeth and her Prime Ministers – from Churchill to Johnson

Queen Elizabeth II is neutral, having installed every prime minister and two prime ministers in her 60 years on the throne with a smile. Once a week, he meets the head of state for a secret meeting. During the lockdown in England, the Queen held the meeting over the phone. These conversations are strictly confidential and neither the Queen nor the politicians speak publicly about the content. Because contrary to his general neutrality, he can and should express his opinion on the policies of his government in these meetings.

One of the Queen’s government responsibilities is to deliver the Prime Minister’s Speech at the opening of Parliament. In it, the king has presented the important points of future politics.

Queen Elizabeth II has already welcomed 14 Prime Ministers

During her time on the throne, the Queen has seen 14 Prime Ministers come and go. Winston Churchill was in office when he ascended the throne. Boris Johnson has finally announced his resignation. The 96-year-old is expected to welcome the 15th to the palace in the next few weeks and be asked to form a government.



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