Emilia Romagna starts Level 1 for Lewis Hamilton at the Grand Prix – Mercedes may be in a really good mood after qualifying, but it’s not like that (Formula 1 in Imola: race from 3pm on Sunday. SPORT1-Livetiger).

Record world champion and his team boss Toto Wolf was delighted with the pole – but both knew that the silver pole fault was caused by Red Bull drivers Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen. In addition, Hamilton’s teammate Voltaire Bodas had another strange drop in performance after previously strong training sessions.

Despite another disappointing qualification, Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel noted an increase compared to his first qualification in Bahrain. Haas driver Mick Schumacher, on the other hand, was simply “happy” with the team’s performance.

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SPORT1 Compiles the votes to qualify in Imola The sky, From the pit path and the press conference.

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), Level 1:

“I honestly did not expect to be ahead of the two Red Bulls. They were very fast this weekend, a few tenths ahead. But the car has been good since this weekend. Respect for the team for the hard work, which made the gap smaller.” (Service: Driver levels)

… about the fight with the Red Bull: “I like the challenge. It’s great to have two Red Bulls with us. They are on different challenges. It’s going to be a tough challenge. I’m so excited. The first lap was so beautiful and clean today.”

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… about favorites: “I was electrified by how close the fight with our rivals was, and I think it’s the best. The only thing that worries me a little – the Red Bulls were strong on long runs. I think the Red Bull have a fast car.”

Sergio Perez (Red Bull), Start Plots 2:

“I made a mistake yesterday and gave my team a lot of work to do. But the most important thing is that we are making progress. I’m constantly learning. I may have picked up the pole, but a mistake in the last corner cost me. So I was surprised when I asked for lap time.”

… about the opportunities in betting: “Anything can happen in racing. I’m on a different strategy than Max. It’s interesting. The most important thing is, we scored points. The learning process is short. Imola track is short, it’s no mistakes.”

Max Verstappen (Red Bull), Level 3:

“It’s not going so well in Q3, it’s not a good lap. But it can not work every time. We need to see what went wrong. It’s not an easy qualification, but a good position for the P3. It’s an interesting bet, we both We also put cars in front with different tires.

… about his performance and riding through the meadow: “In the end, I’m not a robot. I do not even know what I did badly last time qualifying. On my last attempt, I got off track in Turn 3. I know Honda makes the best lawn, but that’s not what it means.”

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Voltaire Botas (Mercedes), Starting Level 8:

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“In the first run of Q3, I took the 2nd turn – suddenly the rear exploded. It dragged the way of the first field. I lost a lot of time. It happened again in the second run.”

Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin), Level 13:

“Better than last time, but the last hope is still missing, so the car can still run more. I wish I had a few more laps. But my car was not right. We had the first set already needed for the first qualification and then I did not have enough speed to get to the third qualifier. “

… Regarding the chances in the race: “It should be a very close race, maybe some rain that can help us.” (Cut: “… then others will drive away without me”)

Mick Schumacher (Haas), Level 18:

“We can be satisfied, we are working in the right direction. Of course we did not see a dick, but we got a lot closer after Bahrain. It gives us a lot of confidence, of course. That means we are working in the right direction.”

… about the fight with Masebin: “I do not know, maybe I had some problems. I left a tenth here and there – for example in the chicken above, in the Alta 14 and 15 variants. I wanted to come a little faster and then get around the car curve. But in general I’m very happy. , The team did a great job, I look forward to the race. “

Yuki Sunoda (Alpari), Level 20:

“I was too quick to enter the corner, and then I had the rear end. I could not control it. Until then the lap was very good. I’m very sorry for the team. The car had the ability to turn it into a Q3.”

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Fully Wolf (Mercedes team boss):

“It was very close today – very good for the fan. For me it was ‘Bittersweet’. On the one hand we have the pole, but on the other hand we have lost so much compared to last year. Voltaire did not manage to raise the tire temperature. Q1 time with the second shot would have been enough for B4, which is definitely undesirable, as we are inferior to the car in all areas. “

… About Hamilton’s achievement: “He did nothing wrong. The only thing that sets him apart is qualifying in a slightly lower car.”

… about podas: “He’s incredibly good in between. He’s practically incredibly fast on the 2nd and 3rd. But when it comes down to qualifying, those are the corners that do not have enough time.”

Helmut Marco (Red Bull Team Chief):

“He walked around in Division 1. He made two mistakes in the second run. He made two mistakes in the second run. But Perez’s progress was incredible. We’m glad he’s so strong in qualifying for the second race. “

… about the chances of success for Red Bull: “I think the whole thing is going to be very close. We have two cars. A few cars in the buffer for Potas. I hope he’s not building it that quickly. That should be an advantage for us.”


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