Prison sentence for a woman who bragged that she had no way to go to prison

NSA Dallas real estate agent stated on social media that she would not go to prison for her involvement in the storming of the US Capitol. Sentenced to prison. Jennifer Lee Ryan bragged on social media after the riots that she wouldn’t get a judgment because she was white, blonde, and had a good job. “I definitely wouldn’t go to jail (…). Sorry I let your envy parade run,” she also wrote. “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Most of those charged with administrative offenses related to the January 6 storming of the Capitol have escaped suspended prison sentences. But in Ryan’s case, prosecutors asserted that they lacked remorse and honesty. Her assumption that she would be protected from punishment also shows that she did not understand the gravity of the crime against her.

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Ryan said she regretted her behavior on January 6, but District Judge Christopher Cooper did not believe her. Her public statements after January 6 raised his suspicions. On January 6, supporters of President-elect Donald Trump attempted to block the impending ratification of Joe Booth’s election victory in Congress.

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