Princess Charlene + Prince Albert: They defy crisis rumors

Princess Charlene is currently making several public appearances. She now attended a Formula 1 race in Monte Carlo with her husband, Prince Albert – they showed themselves as a unit.

Princess Charlene, 44, who has been absent for months as she was stuck in her native South Africa with an ear, nose and throat infection, quickly sparked rumors of a crisis. Even since her return, speculation about her possible separation from husband Prince Albert, 64, has not ceased. The former swimmer recently commented on the rumors at Monte Carlo Fashion Week and confirmed that she found them “unfortunate”.

Charlene has now appeared with her husband for the first time since the beginning of May and the couple has been warmer than ever. Do they want to put an end to the rumors of separation once and for all?

Princess Charlene: Hand in Hand with Albert

On May 28, 2022, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert attended the Formula 1 qualifiers for the Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo. They were wandering around the floor, talking and smiling at each other. It was noticeable that they walked almost continuously through the crater corridor holding hands. Meanwhile, the 64-year-old gently placed his hand on his wife’s back.

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert

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Looks like they want to send a clear signal of this. After all, in previous appearances such as their visit to the FIA ​​Formula E World Championship on April 30 and the Sainte-Dévote Rugby Tournament on May 7, it was noted that the duo would not come into contact – something that once again fueled rumors churning. But here Charlene and Albert present themselves as one, showing the audience: we belong together.

Stars in Monte Carlo

Later, the royal couple spoke to the racing drivers who were present. Charlene greeted both Max Verstappen, 24, and Sebastian Vettel, 34, with kisses on the cheek.

Prince Albert, Princess Charlene and Patrick Dempsey

© Mark Thompson/Getty Images

In Monte Carlo, the South African and the Prince of Monaco also met Hollywood star Patrick Dempsey, 56. Together with the actor, they posed and smiled for the paparazzi.

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