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Portrait of Nils Glago – Investor in Die Hohal der Lowen

Portrait of Nils Glago – Investor in Die Hohal der Lowen

In 2021, Niles Glaco will once again be on the “Die Herr der Lowen” tribunal. Here we present all the information about the 45 year old entrepreneur in the portrait.

Niles Glago in the current season “The Lion’s Cave“Back. But who are the entrepreneurs sitting in the jury? We briefly introduce him in this portrait.

Nils Glaco is an ethnographer and managing director of Orthomal: a portrait

Niles Glaco is now the second generation to run a family business called Orthomal. His father co-founded the family business in 1991 with a partner. Orthomal produces micronutrients and nutrients.

Entrepreneurs have no business background. Born on October 31, 1975 in Bates Homberg vor der Hohil, Nils Glago studied ethnography at the University of Bonn, focusing on ancient American studies after graduating from high school. He studied Maya culture in Central America and Buddhism in Tibet and Nepal. Orthomal founder Dr. Christian Glago, he worked in the family business and office from the beginning.

In 2009 his father died unexpectedly from complications of a pulmonary embolism. Nils Glago then accepted the administration of Orthomolin – and successfully. The company generates about 100 million euros in annual revenue. In addition, Orthomal supports start-ups in areas such as health, nutrition and fitness. Together with his sister Keshe Hucker, Niles holds the Glabho holding Glgo Orthomal. Glacko is the master of more than 400 employees, and the company is headquartered in Langenfield, near D டுsseldorf.

“The Lions Ten” 2021: Nils Glago is an enthusiastic amateur athlete

In his spare time, Nils Glago is passionate about sports, constantly exploring foreign cultures while traveling, and loves literature, music, movies and cooking. Otherwise not much is known about his personal life, according to media reports, the investor is said to have twin daughters.

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The enthusiastic amateur athlete has already appeared in the past as a sponsor of football club Fortuna D டுsseldorf. In addition, various racers and swimmers have already signed sponsorship agreements with the team. This applies to the German national ice hockey team.

He was an investor in 2019 and 2020 VOX– Watch the founding show “The Lions Ten”. Niles Glago will return in 2021 and will be back at the jury. Glago says Orthamol’s success story began 28 years ago in a garage. Therefore, the managing director knows the “founding spirit”. The investor wants to pass on the experience gained from this to the founders.

In this view you can see all the members of the jury: The Lions Ten 2021: Jury and Investors


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