Porsche Carrera GTS

PURE POWER The three magical GTS letters that make Porsche fans’ hearts beat faster. The GTS stands for Gran Turismo Sport and is actually an embodiment of motorsport.

The boxer’s six-cylinder engine accelerates to the top speed range with remarkable power.

With the new 911 GTS models, five more variants of the iconic sports car are entering Porsche dealer showrooms. The Carrera GTS is available as a coupe and convertible, with and without all-wheel drive. The Targa is still only available with all-wheel drive.

Porsche Carrera GTS
The Carrera GTS closes the gap between the 450-horsepower Carrera S engine and the 580-horsepower turbocharged engine.

Dual transmission or manual transmission
The six-cylinder boxer engine produces 480 horsepower. That’s 30 horsepower more than the current 911 Carrera S or the previous 911 GTS. The GTS engine has always had 480 horsepower. The gear can be selected in the configurator. You can choose between an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission or a seven-speed manual transmission, both of which are standard, so they don’t cost any extra.

For the first time, the GTS Lightweight Build Package is available
The GTS chassis with a centimeter lowering, Porsche Active Suspension Management and the high-performance brakes from the 911 Turbo also don’t have to be paid for separately.

For the first time, the GTS Lightweight Package can be ordered, which saves up to 25 kg thanks to lightweight carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic bucket seats, lightweight front and rear window and door windows and a lightweight lithium-ion battery. The rear seat system and floor mats are also a victim of the thrift scale. The lightweight build package will be available from November 2021.

Snappy and attractive six-cylinder boxer engine
Nearly two years after the 992 was introduced, Zuffenhaus made a smaller leap in its 911 Turbo models. GTS models offer exclusive design features, more power and, if desired, less weight than the standard 911.

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The attractive six-cylinder boxer engine accelerates to the top speed range with remarkable power, and pairs nicely with the lightning-fast dual-clutch transmission.
It’s almost boring to conjure up over and over again, but the GTS is once again the most interesting overall package with the current 911.

Adjustments according to customers’ tastes
With all the lightweight body: unlike the GT3, you can’t do without the Sport Chrono. The infotainment system has been redeveloped in anticipation of other 911 versions, but the hardware still leaves something to be desired: depending on the setup, the exterior areas are covered by the steering wheel rim.

Stylistically, the GTS is distinguished by a number of modifications that reflect the tastes of most customers. These include dark and black design elements, and the rims are also painted black.

Voice and wireless control Apple Carplay
The infotainment update is all-new in the GTS. Apple Music and Podcast are now integrated here. If you like a song that’s currently playing on the radio, you can drag and drop it into Apple Music. There’s also improved voice control and wireless Apple Carplay. Android is also available. That’s how fun the car is,

Five different models are available with prices starting at CHF174,100: the 911 Carrera GTS with rear-wheel drive as a coupe and convertible, the 911 Carrera 4 GTS with all-wheel drive coupe and convertible and the 911 Targa 4 GTS with all-wheel drive.


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