Police report for Grimmen / LK Vorpommern-Rügen, May 8, 2022: Fire in 2 hay bales with a total of 1000 hay bales in Süderholz

Firefighting operation in Grimmen / LK Vorpommern-Rügen: What happened today? Read the daily local police reports of your region on news.de along with the current blue light report sent by the Police Headquarters in New Brandenburg.

Current Police Report: Fire / Fire
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Fire in 2 hay bales with a total of 1000 hay bales in Süderholz

Grimm / L.K West Pomerania-Rugen (Oats) –

At around 10:08 pm on May 7, 2022, police in Crimean learned that two hay bales with a total of 1000 hay bales had caught fire between Groß Bisdorf and BAB 20 in Süderholz Municipality. Volunteer firefighters from Süderholz, Grimmen and Dersekow were on site with a total of 63 comrades. The fire brigade decided to bring the fire under control. A fire station was set up by the fire department. The fire was suspected to have been started by an eyewitness who witnessed a car speeding away from the scene of the blaze as the fire spread against the direction of the wind on the straw mounds. Property damage caused by the injured party is estimated at 25,000 25,000. If you have any information about the culprits or the car, report it to the police at Grimmen at 038326/570.

Thomas Krueger, Chief of Police, Police Headquarters in New Brandenburg, Chief of Police on duty

The report was sent by the Police Headquarters in New Brandenburg on May 8, 2022 at 5:04 am.

Fire and Fire in Germany in 2020

In Germany in 2020, according to police records 20,735 arson cases Or cause fire hazard. According to fire safety statistics, fire accidents are recorded in about 200,000 homes each year. That means a fire burns somewhere every two minutes. About 600 people die in house fires each year in Germany.

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