Police in France use tear gas against train customers

Police in France use tear gas against train customers

MHe. She tear gas Paris police took action against stranded train customers in the Gare de l’Est on Sunday night. Paris Police Governor Didier Laliment confirmed the presence of a crowd in front of the alternative buses. Law enforcement officers used tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Several long-distance trains to Reims, Strasbourg and Metz were canceled on Saturday evening due to severe storms. A number of local trains could not run due to power outages. There were long queues in front of the alternative buses. According to the Police Directorate, the demonstrators did not respect instructions to give priority to women and children. The Railway Police received reinforcements from the BAC Crime Brigade from Paris.

The scenes of the chaos were filmed by freelance journalist Clement Lanotte. In the recording, a police officer can be heard shouting at a man: “People can be killed in a crowd.” A few seconds later, the waiting people could be seen staggering and rubbing their eyes. A voice calls out: We want buses, not policemen. Journalist Lanott reported that from his point of view, the tear gas added to the chaos as people tried to get away without guidance. Stranded railway customers from Meaux, 50 kilometers from Paris, and from Château-Thierry, 80 kilometers away, were particularly affected. No alternative offers were offered to travelers from Champagne, Lorraine and Alsace.

“I learned nothing from the chaos of the Champions League final”

The use of tear gas led to angry reactions from the left-wing opposition. “Brutality against people whose only guilt was trying to get on the bus is unacceptable,” said Julian Bayo, national secretary of the EELV Green party. green swipe it from Chaos on the sidelines of the Champions League match in Paris It seems nothing has been learned. There, heavy policemen threw tear gas canisters at football fans and children. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen He later admitted before the Senate Judiciary Committee “the disproportionate use of tear gas” and ordered an internal investigation.

He has not yet commented on the recent incident at Gare de l’Est. The green candidate in Paris, Sandrine Rousseau, called for a review of the police’s rules of engagement. “The use of tear gas must be reduced,” she said. Green Party deputy leader Sandra Regol criticized “again, the security doctrine of the chief of police and the Minister of the Interior means injustice and chaos.” It is time to replace those responsible.”

“Whatever the problem, the answer is tear gas,” said Danielle Obono, a member of parliament for the left-wing La France Insomes party. “Whether you’re a football fan, a train customer, or a protester, you’re numb with tear gas,” said LFI MEP Manon Aubry. Amnesty International for Human Rights has documented the excessive use of tear gas by the French police in a report. During the Yellow Vest protests, the operational doctrine of the police was met with heavy criticism. Investigations into the events surrounding the Champions League match between Real Madrid and Liverpool are still ongoing.


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