Home Tech Pokémon GO: All the quests of the Festival of Light in the guide

Pokémon GO: All the quests of the Festival of Light in the guide

Pokémon GO: All the quests of the Festival of Light in the guide

The exclusive Light Festival Field Research is now available and will remain in-game until November 14th at 8PM. As usual, completing quests gives players the opportunity to meet certain Pokemon with a guarantee or to secure certain items. Coaches are assigned tasks by flipping picture discs in arenas and PokéStops.

Quests and rewards in the Festival of Light

The sign(s) in the following list symbolize that these Pokemon are in the game in their rare shiny variant. The following missions and rewards can be found in “Pokémon GO” at the 2021 Light Festival:

  • Catch five electric-type Pokemon: Encounter with Magnetilo(s) or Frizelbliz(s)
  • Catch five Fire-type Pokemon: Meet Vulpix(s) or Leufeo
  • Catch five different Pokemon of the electric type: Meeting with Elisabeth
  • Defeat two GO Rocket bullies: Meeting with Elisabeth
  • Send five gifts to friends: Encounter with Elektek(s) or Magmar(s)
  • Send seven gifts to friends: Meeting with Flambion
  • Walk a kilometer: Ten or five balls are great
  • Use five boosts on your Pokémon: Meet Dedenne

It is the final task that stands out above all: guaranteed encounters with high-quality samples from Dedenne that are very useful for coaches. After all, the cute thunderbolt appears for the first time during the Festival of Light – every catch and every candy a creature earns helps create powerful representatives of this species. Can be used in the GO Battle League Premier League. Trainers can accomplish this task by upgrading pocket monsters with candy and star dust.

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Other than that, Elektek and Flampion are useful additions to trainers’ collections as base versions of powerful electric and fire attackers: both Pokémon have solid stages of development.

Mysterious Pokemon Hoppa in the Mist.

The events around Hoba are approaching their climax.

Misunderstood jokes keep going

The special research “Misunderstood Jokes” is slowly approaching its climax. For the Festival of Light, the thirteenth and fourteenth step of the Quest Chain was activated – then only two stages were lost to the end. According to information from Dataminers, players should be able to use shape-shifting mechanics to transform Hoopa into his ultimate form. Rocket boss Giovanni also appears with the new Legendary Crypto Pokémon. However, there is some time until then.

Step 13

  • Add a new friend: Encounter with Meditation(s)
  • Send ten gifts to friends: Encounter with Lambi(s)
  • Use 20 berries when catching Pokemon: Two Silver Senna beads
  • Finish all tasks from step 13: Meet Elisabha(s), Knorsep and Ten Sweets Didin

Step 14

  • Wait for the next stage to activate: 720 stardust


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