Photovoltaic Greenhouse – Plants grow better with solar energy

Photovoltaic Greenhouse – Plants grow better with solar energy

Semi-transparent solar roofs are considered an environmentally friendly technology because they can replace windows. The UCLA researchers tested a very particular way to use the promising method on greenhouse surfaces. In doing so, they discovered other advantages. The team used semi-transparent organic photovoltaics to test the application. The problem with this is that the organic ingredients degrade over the long term when exposed to the hot sun.

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In contrast, the team developed a coating that reduces roots and prevents decay. It also improves the performance of photovoltaic cells. The secret is in an antioxidant called L-glutathione, which is made up of glutamine, cysteine, and glycine. It improves the efficiency of solar cells and extends their life. And other advantages were found – and they were surprised.

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Not only has the greenhouse with a semi-transparent solar roof been a success in terms of solar energy, but the plants have also played a role and grown to grow. The technology was also convincing in long-term testing. Even after 1,000 hours, the greenhouse was still more than 80 percent efficient. Crops like wheat, beans, and broccoli grew better than they would in a greenhouse compared to a glass roof. According to lead author Yepin Zhao, these results came as a surprise because better vegetative results were expected in a conventional greenhouse.

The reason the seedlings develop better is because the extra layer in the solar panels filters out the ultraviolet rays that slow plant growth, as well as the infrared light that can cause the greenhouse to overheat. This research is promising for sunny regions where greenhouses are widely used.

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