On the tram, the recommendation to wear a mask is still a dead letter

“No, they didn’t say anything, so I’m not taking it back,” pleads Tiffin, 22. He was told that the Minister of Health, Brigitte Bourguignon, asked the French on Monday to return the mask to transport, out of a “citizen’s duty” and to deal with the seventh wave of the Covid-19 epidemic. “Ah yes, a recommendation, I know it. But until it becomes mandatory, I will not do anything.”

Few or no masks on faces on Tuesday 28 June on Bordeaux trams.

Gwenel Badetz / “Sud Ouest”

She’s not the only one who fails to cover her nose and mouth. Celia, 15, is waiting for the tram at the stop, her nose in the wind. “Yes, I am aware of the recommendations that have been made. But no, I do not wear the mask. First, I do not think about it. And above all, since it was removed, I am very happy.”

The effect of “imitation”

Theo gets off the train with his bike. Over-ear headphones but without a mouth mask. But it is not heat resistant. “I wasn’t aware of these recommendations. But now that you tell me, I’ll be more inclined to be careful on public transport. Then, by tradition, I think if some people started wearing it, others would too. But should I? Is it mandatory? I admit that I am not interested enough in the evolution of numbers to have an opinion,” says 27-year-old Besakis.

Few or no masks on faces on June 28 on Bordeaux trams.
Few or no masks on faces on June 28 on Bordeaux trams.

Gwenel Badetz / “Sud Ouest”

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