Olympia: Kristen Bodens wanted to give it all up, and now she has silver
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She wanted to get rid of everything, and now she has the silver

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Athletics - Women's Discus Throw - Final Athletics - Women's Discus Throw - Final

Tears of Joy: Kristen Buddens drenched in her silver medal in discus

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Kristen Bodens wins her first athletics medal for Germany. The Potsdam woman surprisingly won the silver in discus. In 2018 she was on Earth. Then it changed a lot. Especially their diet.

NSt was a sincere satisfaction. After her theatrical transition from television camera to television camera, Kristen Buddens arrived with the media from home. “Finally in German,” she said with a laugh, her blurred eye shadow revealing that she had had a lot of emotions to deal with over the past 60 minutes.

No, she still can’t believe what she’s accomplished with her amazing throw. Silver Medal in Discus Throw: There was an Olympic medal for German women 25 years ago. At that time, Ilke Wyludda won the gold medal in Atlanta. Well Bodens.

First a banana, then a piece of energy

“For me, the goal was actually to finish the season in the top eight, and I had put myself at my best, but I never would have dreamed that it would be enough to get a silver medal,” the 28-year-old said and continued to shake her head. Really unbelievable.

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Even an hour-long interruption of rain after the second of the six rounds didn’t bother her. “Fortunately, I was already in third. Then I tried to go down a bit, and ate a banana and an energy bar.” But while the competition couldn’t add more after the resumption, Bowdens improved again on the fifth attempt to 66.86m and topped her old record by 55cm.

Kristen Bodens, discus

The disc flew 66.86 meters – that was enough for Kristen Budens for the silver medal

Source: AP / Matthias Schrader

A throw that was rewarded with silver and evoked great emotions. Her head looked empty like the stadium in which she was standing proudly with the flag of Germany. She kept wiping her hand over her open mouth in disbelief. Tears of joy dried up from the flag.

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“How we live is what makes us what it is” written on the inside of her right arm: Your path in life makes you what you are. A tattoo as a reminder of where it came from and how hard it was before penetration.

Bodens set himself an ultimatum

In 2015 she won a bronze medal at the European Under-23 Championship, after which her career was interrupted. Frustration spread, and ideas about ending competitive sports became tangible. When she was only a spectator at EM in 2018, she set herself an ultimatum. “I said to myself: Either something happened again or it was.”

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2019 had to make a breakthrough, so the 1.91-meter athlete changed her diet, and since then has separated fats and carbohydrates when eating, consuming more protein and starting to work out with a neuro-athletic coach. “It’s been going on since then,” says Bodens, who became German champion in 2019 and also won the title last year. So far Olympic silver. What a turn: “Now you know it was all worth it.”

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You won’t be able to celebrate until you realize all this. It can take. For now, she’s looking forward to pizza.


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