Öko-Test 2023: These organic hemp seeds are a test winner

Öko-Test 2023: These organic hemp seeds are a test winner

According to Öko-Test: These organic hemp seeds are “very good”

Hemp products are now very popular in Germany – and are monitored through strict cultivation and manufacturing guidelines. After all, nothing of the intoxicating cannabinoid THC should ever get into food. However, because small amounts of THC can often be detected in products, hemp products are considered unsuitable for children.

20 products were tested in the Öko test, including hemp oils, hemp tea, and hemp seeds. While all oils have been disastrous, things are looking much brighter for the famous hemp seed. Of the eight organic hemp seeds tested, consumer advocates can unreservedly recommend three “very good” products. Test winners are:

  • Peeled hemp seeds
  • Clasen organic hemp seeds
  • Ener Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds

You can also buy all test results as electronic paper from Öko-Test >>

Not all organic hemp seeds get top notch

In the Öko-Test, consumer advocates used only organic hemp seeds. The good news: None of the products failed the test. The worst test score was “adequate”. Three other seeds received a “satisfactory” rating. DM’s Organic Dehulled Hemp Seed Passed the Test Well. And why did consumer advocates deduct points? Especially for high levels of mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOSH). These residues end up in packaging as unwanted by-products of seed processing and are suspected of having adverse health effects. The increased levels of THC content also deducted points in Öko’s test. Because: The seeds of the hemp plant do not naturally contain THC. Thus the measured percentages of THC in some seed packages are impurities during processing.

How do hemp seeds actually taste?

Hemp seeds are very aromatic. With a slightly sweet, nutty taste and ethereal aroma, the seeds add a light touch to muesli, porridge, pastries or salads. Since the seeds are high in fiber, protein, and unsaturated fatty acids, you can easily use them as a topping to add valuable nutrients to your meals or snacks.


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