Nvidia on Computex: Collaboration with Asus announced for 500Hz monitors

Nvidia will work with Asus in the future. As the company announced during Computex, the collaboration should result in 500 Hertz screens.

Nvidia is developing a 500 Hertz monitor in cooperation with Asus. (Source: Nvidia)

  • Nvidia announces its collaboration with Asus during the Computex IT trade show.
  • Companies are working on a new gaming monitor.
  • The “Asus ROG Swift 500 Hz Gaming Monitor” should be able to achieve 500 Hz.

Nvidia announced the company’s next steps during the Computex IT trade fair in Taiwan.

Unfortunately, Nvidia has not commented on the new generation of graphics cards that may appear soon. The company announced its collaboration with Asus for this.

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As the title suggests, the Asus ROG Swift 500 Hz Gaming Monitor is supposed to run at 500Hz, although the standard monitor rarely reaches 360Hz.

The significantly higher frame rate should target players who rely on quick reflexes. Appropriately, Nvidia relies on well-tried technology.

TN (“Twisted Nematic”) panels are already quite old, but the advantage of this technology is the relatively low latency.

But this screen is quite large if you do not have a suitable graphics card for it. We tell you how you can buy the best graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD at low prices.

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