Nuclear power: problems also at the French Benelli nuclear power plant

A corrosion problem has also occurred in a reactor at the Benley nuclear power plant in Normandy. These defects are similar to those already found in the two reactors at Civaux that Chooz suspected of the two. All four are N4, Penly post-type EPR and thus the first reactor of a different design to be affected by the problem.

In block 1 of the Civaux nuclear power plant, during the inspection, which takes place every ten years, “several defects” were found in the welds of the safe injection system. Unit 2 was then inspected and similar deficiencies were found there, EDF announced in mid-December 2021. Therefore, due to corrosion on the pipelines welded seams, Civaux remains closed for longer than planned after a routine inspection, Chooz has been closed as a measure Precautionary, as these inspections are only possible when the reactor is shut down.

Since then, EDF has announced that it has found the same problem in a reactor in Schuse. “We don’t know if there are problems elsewhere. EDF is in the process of verifying all of its data from previous controls,” Karen Hervio of the French Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety said, according to AFP. news agency.

Unit 1 of the Penly Nuclear Power Plant was last closed from mid-May to mid-October 2020 due to partial repair and fuel component replacement. Block 2 stopped there from mid-April to early June 2021 due to maintenance and fuel changes. In France, 10 of the 56 nuclear reactors installed there are currently out of service for various reasons. This corresponds to about 20 percent of France’s nuclear power capacity. In November 2021, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the construction of new nuclear power plants.

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