'Notably separated': Jenny Elvers meets ex Alex Goleg on RTL

Updated Jan 14, 2022 at 11:00 AM.

  • The villas of the new RTL offer “Detached Promenade” are gradually filled.
  • Now the broadcaster has announced that ex-spouses Jenny Elvers and Alex Goleg will also be there.

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The first couple of RTL’s Prominent Separateted is now well known. As announced by the announcer, Actress Jenny Elvers and former “Big Brother” co-host Alex Goleg will also fight for a prize money of 100,000 euros. After a short relationship, they both gave birth to their son Paul. In the show, the former lovers are housed in a villa and they have to face different challenges there.

These stars should be there too

According to media reports, the former “Bachelor” couple Karina Plak and Serkan Yavuz will star in the reality TV show. The two got close on “Bachelor in Heaven,” but broke up again in fall 2020.

In addition, reports “Abendzeitung”Actress Doreen Dettel is one of the eight co-stars with her ex-husband, Patrick Eid. This was learned from the production circles.

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The return of love on “PROMINMENT Separated”?

In an announcement early this week, the station even hinted at a possible love comeback. They say that at least this is not excluded. Even a hot flirtation in front of the ex-partner with another person is conceivable.

Anyway, episode one starts on Tuesday, February 22nd at 8:15 PM on RTL. Episodes are available seven days in advance on the in-house broadcast portal RTL+.
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