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Norwegian sensation club – Jose Mourinho’s nightmare is Bodo / Glimt – Sports – SRF

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When the Roma coach competes in the Conference League quarter-final second leg, bad memories come to mind.


Was he suspected of evil at that time?

Jose Mourinho against Norway during the group stage.

IMAGO / La Presse / Alfredo Falcon

“Not again!” Jose Mourinho must have thought when he tied the Conference League quarter-finals when he saw Bodo/Glimt’s name written on his lottery ticket. In fact, his side, Roma, had already met the Norwegian champion in the group stage – and he went without a win both times.

Mourinho’s bad memories

In the quarter-finals, there is now iteration – and once again the supposed outside player has the advantage before the second leg. A last-minute goal to make it 2-1 from the visitors’ point of view meant the Portuguese would have to start the long journey back to the Italian capital with anxious lines on his forehead.

Because even at 2:2 in front of a local crowd last October, “Lupi” couldn’t find a proper way to win against the self-sacrificing Norwegians. Just 5 minutes from the end, Roger Ibanez awarded the hosts a point.

Now the club is traveling from the far north to Rome again – and finally wants to become Mourinho’s opponent.

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